Privacy Policy

  1. The player must connect his/her existing Facebook account to the App in order to use the App. Settings concerning the personal data of the Facebook account must be changed in the Facebook account settings.
  2. By connecting his/her Facebook account to the App, the player grants the Operator express consent to store and process non-personal usage data and to use the following data from his/her Facebook account:
      • Name and surname
      • Profile picture
      • Sex
      • Email address
      • Friends list
      • Facebook user ID

    Optionally, the player can also authorise the Operator to post on Facebook in the name of the player.

  3. The Operator shall store the IP address, browser type, browser language and geographical data for every login. The Operator shall observe the applicable statutory data protection provisions when handling the data of the player. The data shall be processed automatically and not passed on to any unaffiliated companies without the written consent of the player. In the event of abuse, the Operator reserves the right to pass on this data to the law enforcement authorities if legally necessary.
  4. In order to adapt the App to the individual requirements of the player and continuously develop and optimise the design and quality of the App, the Operator uses cookies, re-targeting cookies and tracking tools.
    1. Cookies and re-targeting cookies
      Cookies are small files which are stored on the player’s mobile end device when the player visits the App. Re-targeting cookies collect socio-demographic data (e.g. the age and sex of the player) as well as the Internet behaviour of the player (inside and outside of the App).
      The cookies record the behaviour of the player: the Slots the player plays in the App as well as how often and how long the App and its Slots are used for (times of day, weekdays, etc.). Socio-demographic data is also stored, such as the age and sex of the player. The data stored using the cookies is viewed, processed and used by the Operator to adapt the App to the behaviour, requirements and interests of each player as well as to generate statistics and form player groups. Furthermore, this data is also used for the purposes of targeted advertising by third parties. The data stored in this process is continuously updated and expanded based on the behaviour of the player.
      The player consents to the use of cookies and re-targeting cookies by the Operator. Furthermore, the player expressly consents to the data disclosed by and received from him/her being automatically processed (e.g. electronically by cookies).
    2. Tracking tools
      Tracking tools are third-party services which help the Operator to statistically evaluate and analyse the behaviour of the player. The Operator uses the findings from this process to optimise and develop the App.
  5. The Operator shall implement all measures technically possible in order to protect the player data stored by it, although the Operator shall not be liable if third parties illegally gain access to this data and use it further. All liability of the Operator for damage to the player or third parties in such a connection is mutually excluded. The Operator shall administrate the data of the player for as long as the App is actively used or as long as the data is required for the purposes of providing the service.
  6. The player is always entitled to alter or delete his/her information. The Operator undertakes to actually delete any data requested to be deleted. The player can uninstall the App by deleting it through the settings in his/her Facebook account. The player can use the support form in the App to request the deletion of the data collected on the player.
  7. Credits are acquired directly through Facebook. For this reason, the Operator has absolutely no access to payment information such as credit card data. The Operator can only see general transaction data such as the amount, currency, country, transaction date and method of purchase.
  8. The Operator uses the collected information in order to continuously adapt and optimise the service based on the requirements of the player. Personal data of the player shall be used in order to send the player personalised information (updates to the App, new features, promotions, etc.). The player can unsubscribe from receiving such information at any time. The player cannot refuse to receive messages necessary in order to fulfil the object of business.
  9. The App is only for people of legal age in their home country and is only to be used for the purposes of entertainment. Persons under the age of 18 are not entitled to use the App. The Operator shall not purposefully collect information from any person under the legal age.

European Commission made available the Online Dispute Resolution Portal which can be reached via following link: Online Dispute Resolution